Squeaky Green Solutions is a locally owned, family run business, dedicated to toxic free living. We believe every home should be a healthy place in which to live. We clean in the same way our great-grandmothers did (except we have a vacuum) and leave your environment truly clean.

We are passionate about sustainable, healthy living, for our children and ourselves. What was once an ideal for us is now not an option. With the birth of our twins, came the reality of what all this pollution is doing to us, to our children. Our sons’ needs made it imperative that we clean up our own environment. We bring to you the same standard of clean we bring to our own home. We have seen the health benefits this has had with our own family. We are proud to be able to bring that to you.

For information on our cleaning products, refer to our products page. We blend these together to clean your home.

Our vacuum is amazing and you can find out more on our equipment page. We strive to find the best possible materials to solve all your cleaning concerns.

Squeaky Green Solutions® is a Green, House-cleaning Company

for Minneapolis, Saint Paul, and the surrounding suburbs.

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