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We are pleased to welcome you and thank you for visiting our site.  We encourage you to look around our site and get to know us a bit better to make sure we are a good fit for you!

Squeaky Green Cleaning Solutions has been involved in the cleaning industry for more than 10 years, leading the way in the use of green cleaning products and processes.  We value your health and the environment, which is why we have taken the Eco-Friendly approach with our products and services.  


Do you find yourself wanting to keep a clean home or office, but don't know where to start?

Do you rate a clean space as important, but it seems to fall to the the last item on your list?

You are not alone!  Many people find themselves dreaming of a sparkling clean home or office, but there are not enough hours in the day to make that dream come true!

Simcoe Green Cleaning Solutions is here to help! 

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About Us

Helping you create and maintain a healthy space to live, work or play!

Squeaky Green Cleaning Solutions is in business for one reason - to improve the quality of living for as many people as we can.  That is the attitude that goes into each of our programs.  We believe that Green Living is Clean Living and that is why we are adamant about using the best practices and products to reduce our impact on the environment.  With a focus on improving the indoor air quality and concentrating on providing a clean and healthy space to live, work or play, Squeaky Green Cleaning Solutions has your health and safety needs top of mind at all times.  We are constantly researching new, effective products and methods that are certified through Eco-Logo or Green Seal

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What Can Squeaky Green Do for You?

  1. Provide you with a clean, safe and healthy environment for everyone

  2. Provide a complete Green Cleaning program

  3. Build a great customer relationship and welcome you into our Squeaky Green Cleaning Solutions family

  4. 100% Customer Guarantee

  5. We offer a full partnership for all your cleaning and building maintenance needs

  6. We continually research new environmentally friendly methods that are both safe and effective to retain updated knowledge of the most effective practices.  We incorporate this knowledge into our services to provide you with an extremely healthy environment for everyone to benefit from.

Squeaky Green Cleaning Solutions

Squeaky Green Cleaning Solutions is committed to delivering the exact product and services our customers want, listening closely to their expectations, taking a pro-active approach in defining those needs and building the best partnering relationship possible.  We are committed to acting with honesty and integrity in all aspects of business, being professional in doing our job and delivering a consistent, high level quality of work. 


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